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when you restarted since? k1l_: yes luist_: Did you have a long fsck time or so? genii: stop them in the terminal with "sudo service lightdm stop" genii: no just 2min or something k1l_: Will do, thanks genii: is there any way to make it log automatically everytime it happens? genii: i mean the lightdm restart k1l_: yeah i did sudo service lightdm restart luist_: what exactly does "sudo journalctl -f" show? k1l_: do i need to install some additional packages? ok, your journal is gone now. that might be some kernel issue can you reboot again? k1l_: i think the last kernel i have is 4.4.0-58 k1l_: from /var/log/apt/term.log yes, that is the newest kernel. so the one that is in use is there any way to install a older kernel? luist_: can you tell "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" to show the list? luist_: so that shows you still have linux-image-4.4.0-58-generic and linux-image-extra-4.4.0-58-generic yes k1l_: but i dont have the 4.4.0-56-generic only 58 well, that one is not installed k1l_: is there any way to install a older kernel for 15.04? i really need that one luist




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Corel Draw X3 English Language Pack Download

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